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* * *
– Ты хоть раз говорил жене все, что ты о ней думаешь?
– Говорил... Хочешь, шрамы на голове покажу?
* * *
– Алло! Можешь говорить?
– Могу.
– Тогда слушай...
* * *
– Дорогая, вино делает тебя неотразимой!
– Но я не пила вина...
– Зато я выпил.

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БИЗНЕС-ГОРОСКОП (16–28 февраля 2019 года)

БИЗНЕС-ГОРОСКОП (16–28 февраля 2019 года)

ОвенПериод сулит сотрудничество с западными странами. Деловые контакты будут развиваться, что приведет к карьерному росту. Период подходит для расширения связей с друзьями, живущими в других странах и городах. Благодаря этому...

Русская пресса Флориды

Русские журналы и газеты Майами

"Ах, Майами! Мечта у океана!" - поет Алла Йошпе на мотив всем известной песни "Ах, Одесса, жемчужина у моря"... Наша флоридская жемчужина притягивает к себе внимание  жителей со всех уголков планеты, бизнесменов, туристов, путешественников ...  Подробнее...

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‘Pray for Us’ Religious Billboards Seek to Keep Drivers Safe in St. Petersburg

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When it comes to road safety, maybe all you need is a little Jesus in your life.
Sixty billboards depicting Orthodox saints have recently appeared next to highways throughout St. Petersburg in northern Russia, reportedly in an effort to reduce traffic accidents.
Photographs of the massive billboards show that they depict religious figures including St. Alexander Nevsky and St. Nicholas, alongside text calling on the saints to “pray to God” on behalf of passersby.


In Most of Russia Emergency Hotline Doesn’t Work, Audit Finds

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A federal audit has found that a shockingly low number of Russian regions have a fully functioning emergency telephone number, the equivalent of 911 in the United States.
Russia’s 24-hour hotline, 112, combines the fire service, the police and ambulances and is designed to reduce the emergency services’ response time. A 2013 target envisioned the system working in 67 out of Russia’s 85 regions by 2017.
However, the emergency hotline is fully operational in only 12 regions across Russia, the Audit Chamber said in findings published Monday.


Moscow State University Slips in Developing Countries Education Rating

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Moscow State University (MSU) has been named the fifth best university in developing countries in an annual rating published by the Times Higher Education (THE) magazine, down from third place since last year.
Overall, 35 Russian schools made the 2019 rankings — eight more than last year — making Russia the fourth most represented country in the list.
“Russia’s performance is mixed – while several universities have declined, there are also some significant risers and prominent newcomers,” THE said in its ranking published Tuesday.


Animal Rights Activists Buy Lioness Seen Roaming St. Petersburg Streets

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Animal rights activists have reportedly bought a lioness that was seen roaming St. Petersburg last week from its reality show star owner.
After the unattended predator was spotted on a snowy street over the weekend, local media reported that 7-month-old Simona belonged to a local resident who once starred in a popular Russian reality television show. Its owner told a Russian tabloid on Sunday that he planned to sell Simona because he found it increasingly burdensome to care for the animal in his apartment.


Russia Outlaws Youth Protestors

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Young Russians under the age of 18 who have led nationwide anti-government rallies in recent years are now banned from attending unauthorized protests under a newly signed law.
Russia’s youth has spearheaded anti-Kremlin demonstrations since early 2017, drawn to the streets by opposition leader Alexei Navalny and his social-media savvy team of organizers. Scores of lawmakers submitted measures criminalizing child protesters shortly after rallies against President Vladimir Putin’s inauguration in May, where authorities were seen detaining children as young as 12.


$100K Stolen From Moscow Louis Vuitton Store, Media Report

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An unknown burglar has stolen 7 million rubles ($100,570) from a Louis Vuitton boutique in central Moscow, according to law enforcement sources cited by Russian news agencies.
The store’s security guard informed police early Monday that the sum was missing when he showed up at work, the state-run RIA Novosti news agency cited a Moscow police department spokesperson as saying.
“He had discovered that the daily earnings of about 7 million rubles had disappeared from the safe,” an unnamed law-enforcement source was quoted as saying by the TASS news agency.


Russia Outlaws Animal Cruelty

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Russia has banned petting zoos, animal cafes and the killing of stray dogs and cats under a new law submitted eight years ago that dramatically overhauls rules overseeing the treatment of domestic and wild animals.
Stray dogs roam the streets of many Russian cities and towns, and attacks by — and against — the animals have become increasingly frequent. Animal rights activists have called for humane control measures of stray dogs, as vigilantes around the country have shot or administered poison to kill the animals.


Russian Ruble Tumbles to Almost 3-Year Lows

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Russia’s national currency opened the new year at the lowest levels against the U.S. dollar in almost three years before paring losses at below 70 rubles.
The last time the ruble weakened beyond 70 versus the dollar was in September 2018, a first since mid-March 2016 as the threat of U.S. sanctions loomed. In 2018, the Russian currency lost 21.1 percent of its value against the dollar and 15.5 percent versus the euro.
On Thursday, the ruble began trading at 71.45 against the dollar on the Moscow Exchange. Ten minutes later it strengthened to 69.53 and stood at 69.2 as of noon.

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