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БИЗНЕС-ГОРОСКОП (1–15 января 2018 года)

БИЗНЕС-ГОРОСКОП (1–15 января 2018 года)

ОВЕН У вас есть возможность про­дук­тивно потрудиться и получить за это заслуженное вознаграждение. Главное сейчас – поставить четкую цель и стремиться к ней, не отвлекаясь. Из-за большой нагрузки может возникнуть...


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Вечер. Муж приходит с работы, жена встречает его шикарным ужином при свечах.
– Любимая, какая ты у меня молодец. Я и забыл, что сегодня очередная годовщина нашей свадьбы!
– Ты чего, какая свадьба? Ровно год назад не стало твоей тещи!
– Ой, прости. Вечно я в праздниках путаюсь.
* * *
– А я своей любимой на Новый год подарок под елку положил!
– А она что?
– А она его до сих пор ищет: тайга-то большая!

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Dmitry Hvorostovsky, Russia’s First Man of Opera, Dies at 55

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Dmitry Hvorostovsky, one of the world’s premier operatic baritones, passed away on Tuesday in London after battling brain cancer. He had continued to perform the Russian classics in the months leading up to his death at age 55.  
Born in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, Hvorostovsky found early success at voice competitions. He won the First Prize at the Glinka Competition in 1987 and the Toulouse Singing Competition in 1988, which jumpstarted his international career. During the last 28 years, Hvorostovsky has performed as a visiting soloist in almost every major opera house in the world.


Business Ombudsman Boris Titov to Run for Russian Presidency

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Russian business ombudsman Boris Titov will run for president in the 2018 election, representing the business-oriented Party of Growth, the party announced Saturday.
Titov will run on the “Growth Strategy” program developed by the Stolypin Club. Although he is unlikely to become a serious competitor for president Vladimir Putin, the participation of the ombudsman could bring pressing economic issues to the forefront of the election debate.


First Chechen to Come Out as Gay Apologizes on Local TV

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The first Chechen man to come out as gay has apologized on television in the restive Russian region and now claims he was set up.
Televised apologies by Chechens who criticize the republic’s leader Ramzan Kadyrov are a regular occurrence in the Muslim-majority North Caucasus republic. Human Right Watch reported last year that several Chechens who went against the authorities were later forced to publicly apologize to the Chechen leadership.


Kremlin Brushes off Defense Ministry’s Video Game Gaffe

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The Kremlin doesn’t think the Russian Defense Ministry’s use of video game footage as “irrefutable evidence” of U.S. support for terrorists in the Middle East is a big deal.
While social media users actively mocked the ministry for posting simulation footage in support of its claim, Russia’s state-run media broadcast the ministry statement in full on Tuesday. The Defense Ministry later replaced the erroneous tweet and Facebook post with new images.


Every Third Russian Has Paid a Bribe, Says Transparency International Survey

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At least one in three Russians have paid a bribe for public services over the past year, Transparency International’s new global survey has revealed.
2017 in Russia was marked by a series of anti-corruption rallies led by opposition leader Alexei Navalny and several high-profile fraud cases implicating figures that include cabinet members and artists.
The 2016 Global Corruption Barometer rated Russia as one of the most corrupt countries in Europe and Central Asia. Russian respondents said they perceived corruption as the country’s third-most pressing problem, but also said they were unlikely to report cases of bribery.


Moscow to Introduce River Taxis Ahead of World Cup

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Ten river shuttles will start traveling along the Moscow River ahead of the city’s hosting duties for the 2018 World Cup, Moscow City Hall announced on Thursday.
The initiative is part of City Hall’s program to expand tourism infrastructure in the capital ahead of the international sports tournament which will kick off in June next year. Moscow is also expanding walking routes and bus tours in Moscow.
The new river buses will have a telescopic glass roof, climate control and audio guides in nine languages. Tickets are expected to cost 500 rubles ($8.50).


Russian Internet Advertising Beats TV for First Time

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For the first time, total spending on internet advertising in Russia was more than spending on television advertising.
Online spending from January to September amounted to between 115 and 116 billion rubles ($2 billion), up by 23 percent from the previous year, according to a survey by the Association of Communication Agencies of Russia (ACAR) cited by the Vedomosti business daily on Nov. 9.


Russian Sculptor Wants to Gift Putin-Bear Statue to the President

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A local sculptor wants to gift President Vladimir Putin a statue depicting the president’s head atop the body of a bear with angel wings and holding a fish in its paws.
The forged iron figure — dubbed “Mind, Strength and Soul” and sculpted over several months — is a metaphor for Russia, the sculptor told Astrakhan-based news website KaspyInfo.ru.
Viktor Korpachyov said that the sturgeon in Putin’s hands is a take on Astrakhan’s regional symbol. The eagle that the bear is stepping on symbolizes Russia’s enemies, he added.

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