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ОВЕН У вас есть возможность про­дук­тивно потрудиться и получить за это заслуженное вознаграждение. Главное сейчас – поставить четкую цель и стремиться к ней, не отвлекаясь. Из-за большой нагрузки может возникнуть...


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Вечер. Муж приходит с работы, жена встречает его шикарным ужином при свечах.
– Любимая, какая ты у меня молодец. Я и забыл, что сегодня очередная годовщина нашей свадьбы!
– Ты чего, какая свадьба? Ровно год назад не стало твоей тещи!
– Ой, прости. Вечно я в праздниках путаюсь.
* * *
– А я своей любимой на Новый год подарок под елку положил!
– А она что?
– А она его до сих пор ищет: тайга-то большая!

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Kaliningrad Mayor Says Residents Should Leave City During World Cup Matches

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The mayor of Kaliningrad, a host city for the 2018 World Cup, is urging residents to clean up their yards, avoid fights, and leave city before matches are held there, the Interfax news agency reported Wednesday.
Leaving Kaliningrad is voluntary, but strongly encouraged, since city roads will be congested and almost entirely limited to official transport during the competition, mayor Alexander Yaroshuk said in an interview to a local radio station.
“One of the four games that take place in Kaliningrad will surely feature a top European team,” Yaroshuk said. “The city will receive 70,000 to 100,000 tourists.”


Moscow Named World’s Fourth Safest Megacity for Women

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Moscow has been ranked the world’s fourth safest megacity for women in a Thomson Reuters Foundation survey published Monday.
The survey ranked the world’s 19 largest megacities — cities with a population of 10 million or more — across criteria such as the risk of sexual violence, access to healthcare, cultural practices and economic opportunities. The non-profit interviewed 20 experts on women’s issues in each city and based its results on at least 15 experts in every country.


Worldwide Short Film Festival Opens in Moscow

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The Worldwide Short Film Festival, which goes by the charming acronym “shnit,” is an international festival of short films that opens in Moscow on Wednesday and runs until Sunday at several venues around the city.   
For 14 years shnit has been held in eight cities around the world — for the last four years in Moscow.


Russia Prepares to Blacklist Five ‘Undesirable’ U.S. Media Outlets

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Russian senators have drawn up  a list of five U.S.-based media outlets, including CNN, whose activities in Russia could be restricted in response to a requirement to have the American branch of Russia’s state-funded RT television channel register as a foreign agent.
The U.S. Justice Department has asked that the Kremlin-backed RT adhere to a 1930s foreign agent registration law over concerns of Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential elections. Russian prosecutors are examining the possibility of labeling U.S. outlets as “undesirable” in response.


Socialite Ksenia Sobchak Announces Bid for Russian Presidency

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Russian journalist and socialite Ksenia Sobchak made the announcement Wednesday on a special episode of her “Sobchak Live” show on opposition-leaning Dozhd TV news channel.
She also sent a letter to the daily Vedomosti news site outlining her reasons for running against Putin, who is expected to confirm his candidacy at the Valdai conference Oct. 19, where the Kremlin said he will make “an important announcement.”
Sobchak said elections in which prominent opposition leader Alexei Navalny — barred from running over fraud convictions — was not allowed to participate should not be boycotted.


St. Petersburg Teacher Who Wrote ‘Fool’ on Boy’s Forehead Forced to Resign

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A teacher at the Keeper School in St. Petersburg has quit her job after getting creative with a felt-tip pen and a student’s forehead. Olga Alferova last week wrote the word “fool” on the face of an 8-year-old schoolboy boy named Lyosha to discipline him, the St. Petersburg news site Fontanka reported.
She had reportedly warned her class in advance that would be the punishment for those who wrote on their hands with markers, a popular recess activity among students. Following complaints from Lyosha’s mother, Alferova was summoned to the principal’s office. “What has my Lyosha done to offend you?” the mother reportedly asked, to which the teacher replied: “Nothing, it was just how it was”. In comments to Fontanka.ru, the city’s education committee described the teacher’s behavior as “not pedagogical.” A district official expressed dismay that such an incident had occurred on the eve of Teacher’s Day on Oct. 5.


Steven Seagal Doesn’t Talk About Politics With Pal Putin

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American movie star and recent Russian citizen Steven Seagal told British television he’s personally acquainted with President Vladimir Putin and talks to him on a wide range of subjects, but not politics. Seagal, who was awarded Russian citizenship by Putin last November, is one of several late-career celebrities to become naturalized after American boxer Roy Jones Jr. and French actor Gerard Depardieu. Speaking on a British morning show on Wednesday via satellite from Moscow, Seagal said he’s had many direct dealings with the Russian president.“Him and I started out becoming friends over the martial arts,” he told the Good Morning Britain show on the ITV television channel. “We don’t have a political relationship,” Seagal said, “We really talk about the martial arts, philosophy, people and dilemmas in life.” Asked about allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential elections, the aging actor dismissed the notion as “stupid.”


Russian Officials Ban Dogs Barking at Night

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Dogs and cats are banned from barking and meowing late at night in the Siberian region of Novosibirsk, the Interfax-Sibir news agency reported Thursday. The region is currently under an ordinance banning noise in apartment buildings. Violations carry a 3,000-ruble ($51.4) fine for individuals and 5,000 rubles for officials. The Novosibirsk legislative assembly voted 54-3 in favor of amending the noise-observance law to include dog and cat owners, Interfax-Sibir reported on Thursday. Novosibirsk region’s new legislation requires pet owners to suppress barking, howling and meowing, actions that constitute a public nuisance. “Oinking, crowing and quacking are allowed,” the amendment’s author Yevgeny Smyshlyayev was quoted by Interfax-Sibir as saying.

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