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* * *
– Здравствуйте, мосье Петушков! У меня к вам дельце! Для вас есть роскошная невеста, молодая вдова, редкой красоты, очень серьезная. И невинная!
– Как, невинная? Вы же сказали, что она вдова!
– Ой, это было так давно, она уже все забыла!
* * *
Самолёт падает. Штурман – стюардессе: “Успокой пассажиров...”
– Уважаемые пассажиры! У нас экспериментальный полет, сейчас мы нырнем в море, а потом полетим дальше.
Удар, плавают обломки самолёта и два одессита.
– Жора! Я не понял этой хохмы, они что – улетели без нас?

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БИЗНЕС-ГОРОСКОП (16–31 октября 2018 года)

БИЗНЕС-ГОРОСКОП (16–31 октября 2018 года)

ОвенВаша активность на службе и небывалая, даже по вашим собственным меркам, предприимчивость принесут заслуженный успех. Вы сможете стать вдохновителем весьма перспективного проекта. А за ваше рвение и регулярное старание вы...

Русская пресса Флориды

Русские журналы и газеты Майами

"Ах, Майами! Мечта у океана!" - поет Алла Йошпе на мотив всем известной песни "Ах, Одесса, жемчужина у моря"... Наша флоридская жемчужина притягивает к себе внимание  жителей со всех уголков планеты, бизнесменов, туристов, путешественников ...  Подробнее...

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Russia 6th Largest Economy in World GDP Rankings

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Russia was the world’s sixth-largest global economy in 2017, in a World Bank ranking that adjusts GDP for price differences among countries. Russia’s economy returned to a growth rate of 1.5 percent in 2017 after two years of decline brought on by Western sanctions and a collapse in global oil prices. The goods produced by a country can be measured by gross domestic product (GDP), as well as GDP based on purchasing power parity (PPP), which takes into consideration the relative prices of goods between nations. New figures from the World Bank show that by gross domestic product based on purchasing power parity, the Russian economy ranks below China, the United States, India, Japan and Germany.


Zara Agrees on Production Deal With Russian Factory, Media Reports

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Spanish clothing brand Zara has reportedly agreed on a deal to produce hats and scarves in a Russian textile factory after a year of negotiations. A currency devaluation and sharp economic downturn in 2014 led fashion chains OVS, River Island and Esprit to leave Russia, while Zara rolled back expansion plans. Last year, Russia’s consumer watchdog forced Zara to stop the sale of “dangerously unbreathable” shirts over violations of local safety requirements. Clothing giant Inditex, the parent company of Zara, signed a deal with Morozovskiye Traditsii, a Russian clothes factory based in Tver, 175 kilometers north of Moscow, anonymous sources told the RBC business portal Tuesday. Two sources in the clothing industry said the deal was signed after more than a year of auditing for environmental, waste disposal and other standards. The agreement is part of an effort by Russia’s Industry and Trade Ministry to persuade foreign consumer goods producers to relocate their manufacturing to Russia. Inditex operates 552 stores in Russia under brands that include Pull&Bear, Bershka and Stradivarius.


Russian Deputies Prioritize Visa-Free Entry Law for World Cup Fans

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Russian lawmakers have introduced draft legislation granting visa-free travel to World Cup fans until the end of 2018, moving swiftly on President Vladimir Putin’s promise to extend his country’s hospitality beyond the football tournament. Russia will allow the 806,000 holders of Fan IDs multi-entry travel without visas until the end of the year, Putin announced after the World Cup final in Moscow on Sunday. On Tuesday, the heads of all four parliamentary parties and other senior State Duma deputies submitted amendments to the law on World Cup preparations granting visa-free travel for Fan ID holders until Dec. 31, 2018. “The review [of the bill] will be prioritized,” State Duma speaker Vyacheslav Volodin said, adding that the legislation should be reviewed by July 26. The Fan ID travel system could also be extended to other sporting and cultural events in 2019, Putin said at a cabinet session Wednesday.


Russia Pundits Question Putin’s Helsinki Wins

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If there was a winner from Monday’s summit between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump in Helsinki, analysts in Moscow have little doubt it was the Russian president who came out ahead. After a joint press conference in which Trump railed against domestic opponents and cast doubt on U.S. intelligence agencies, some American commentators called his performance “treasonous,” “utterly grotesque” and “shameful.” Republican Senator John McCain described it as “one of the most disgraceful performances by an American president in history.” On the other side of the Atlantic, however, the meeting was received very differently. In its evening news wrap, the state-run Channel One described the summit, which lasted several hours, as “grandiose” and “unprecedented.” Many Russian news outlets portrayed Putin as confident and the dominant party. «It seemed as though Putin was dragging Trump along,” a commentator on Channel One’s «Vremya» news program said. With allegations of Russian election meddling dominating U.S. headlines and stark disagreements over the Kremlin’s military interventions in Syria and Ukraine, the talks in Helsinki were widely seen by pundits on both sides as a win for Putin even before the two presidents arrived in Finland. The summit helped Putin reassert Russia’s global standing at a time of Western sanctions, Dmitry Nekrasov, an economist and opposition politician, told The Moscow Times. “Putin needed this,” he said in a phone interview, “The meeting allowed Putin to demonstrate to the world that despite being isolated on the international stage, he is a prominent and important leader,” Nekrasov added. “He was also able to show the Russian elite that he has retained his status.»


American News Outlet Fined Under ‘Foreign Agent’ Law

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A Moscow court has fined the Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) news outlet for violating the “foreign agent” label, a move that could threaten the organization’s operations in Russia. The U.S. labelled the Kremlin-funded RT news channel a ‘foreign agent’ in America last year, and in response Russia listed nine U.S. outlets, including state-funded Voice of America (VOA) and RFE/RL, as ‘foreign agents’ in Russia. Lawmakers in the Duma are now considering a law that would allow it to label individual journalists and bloggers as “foreign agents.”


Foreigners in Russia Are Panicking Over New Migration Rules

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A new measure tightening registration rules for foreigners is set to cause mayhem for millions of labor migrants and expats in Russia, making their stay in Russia illegal from one day to the next. Currently, foreigners are required to provide the Federal Migration Service (FMS) with their address shortly after entering Russia as part of the registration process.


World Cup Fans Ask Moscow Metro Staff the Darndest Things

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“Where does Lenin sleep?” is among the weirdest questions that Moscow metro staffers have been asked by foreign fans during the World Cup. Every day, around 100 volunteers help visitors from across the world navigate the Russian capital’s complex transit system and find their way to their destination. More than 270,000 of Moscow’s foreign visitors have had their questions answered by the volunteers in red baseball caps, who were deployed on June 12, City Hall announced in a press release. “The most popular questions are: ‘How do you reach the Red Square?’ and ‘Where is Nikolskaya Ulitsa?’” said the deputy mayor and transportation chief of Moscow, Maxim Liksutov. The tourists often point to a photograph with fans celebrating on Nikolskaya, a pedestrian street that has become an unofficial gathering place for throngs of fans, Liksutov says. In addition to directions to Lenin’s tomb or the Red Square, said Liksutov, “passengers from other countries are interested in where the station is with the dogs.” That question refers to Ploshchad Revolyutsii, where legend has it that stroking the bronze shepherd dog’s nose on a sculpture in the metro brings you luck. The mayor’s office says some of the foreign fans’ strangest questions include: “Will you marry me?” and “Can I spend the night on the metro if I have an unlimited card?”


No More Drinking for Russians after World Cup

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The open-air drinking party in Russia will end as soon as the World Cup comes to a close, a blogger was told by police officers in Moscow. In an encounter filmed and shared on Twitter, a Russian blogger was told by the police that locals will no longer be able to drink after the tournament, which has seen law enforcement officials turn a blind eye to violations of the public drinking ban. In a video widely shared on social media, the blogger is filmed with a beer in hand asking police officers on Moscow’s famous Nikolskaya Ulitsa: “When the World Cup ends, will it be possible to continue drinking beer outside?” “Are you Russian?” they ask, before adding: “If you are, then you won’t be able to.”

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