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* * *
– Ты хоть раз говорил жене все, что ты о ней думаешь?
– Говорил... Хочешь, шрамы на голове покажу?
* * *
– Алло! Можешь говорить?
– Могу.
– Тогда слушай...
* * *
– Дорогая, вино делает тебя неотразимой!
– Но я не пила вина...
– Зато я выпил.

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БИЗНЕС-ГОРОСКОП (1–15 января 2019 года)

БИЗНЕС-ГОРОСКОП (1–15 января 2019 года)

ОВЕНОтдохнув немного, вы можете смело приступать к своим рабочим обязанностям – сейчас от ваших стараний зависят и ваш доход, и ваша должность. Помните, что начальство оценит вашу инициативу. Середина месяца...

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"Ах, Майами! Мечта у океана!" - поет Алла Йошпе на мотив всем известной песни "Ах, Одесса, жемчужина у моря"... Наша флоридская жемчужина притягивает к себе внимание  жителей со всех уголков планеты, бизнесменов, туристов, путешественников ...  Подробнее...

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Russian VIP Coffins Offer a Last Journey for Big Spenders

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If you can’t take your money to the grave, why not spend it on a coffin? A Moscow funeral home is offering a selection of “elite”caskets for the big spenders who are ready to pay thousands of dollars for the box in which they’ll spend eternity. RSS Ritual, a funeral home based in Moscow, sells engraved and Italian-made wooden coffins that range in price from 68,000 rubles ($1,020) to 780,000 rubles ($11,700). “Death is irreversible,” RSS Ritual says on its website. “We try to do everything we can to help you see off a worthy person on a worthy last journey.” The collection on offer includes Ukrainian-made “Patriot” coffin engraved with the Russian coat of arms that sells for $8,500, and the Italian-made “Venezia America” olive wood coffin on sale for almost $10,000. Russians have bought dozens of “Patriot” coffins in the 10 years the design has been on the market, the funeral home’s manager Andrei Dobrolyubov told The Moscow Times on Wednesday. However, the company stopped importing the top-flight caskets for two years after taking a hit during the 2014 financial crisis. “These caskets were much cheaper before the dollar crashed four years ago,” said Dobrolyubov.


Russian Gas Prices Named Among World’s Cheapest — Bloomberg

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Gasoline prices in Russia have been named the world’s 10th-cheapest in Bloomberg’s ranking of 61 countries released last week. Russian drivers saw an average 8.2 percent rise in fuel prices this spring, leading at least one regional official to ditch his car in favor of riding a horse to work. Kremlin officials said last month that they had introduced steps to halt the price hike, which the economy ministry later said had helped slow the rise in gas prices to 2.1 percent in June. Russian gas prices were the 10th cheapest this year at an average 43.44 rubles per liter ($0.70), according to Bloomberg. Venezuela topped the list with $0.01 gasoline, followed by less than $0.50 charged in Iran, Kuwait, Nigeria and Egypt this year. The most expensive pumps were found to be in Hong Kong, where one liter cost up to $2.10 in 2018. Meanwhile, Russia ranked 34th in affordability, calculated in terms of how much of a day’s wage goes to paying for one liter of gas. It placed 52nd in the percentage of annual income spent on filling up, according to Bloomberg.


Russia to Increase Oil Production to New Record Highs in 2019

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Russian oil producers have already returned oil production to record levels this year and will boost crude production further next year thanks to the launch of several greenfield projects, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) said in a report on Aug. 13. Russian oil production has increased recently to a record 11.2 million barrels a day, earning oil producers outsized profits this year. Russian state-owned oil producer Rosneft has already earned more profit in the first quarter of this year than in all of 2017, which recently made it the most valuable company in the country.


Putin Calls for More Positivity on Social Media

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Amid an escalating national debate about social media users being jailed for offensive memes, President Vladimir Putin has stepped in to lament the lack of positivity found online. Russian activists have ramped up calls to decriminalize laws that make posting religiously insensitive, hateful or other “extremist” content on social media a jailable offense. Vkontakte, the social network that has been accused of providing the most case materials to authorities, announced steps this week to improve privacy settings for users. At a youth forum in the North Caucasus on Wednesday, Putin lauded its participants for spreading their work on social media “with the utmost of positivity.” “It’s that positivity that’s missing on social networks,” the state-run TASS news agency quoted him as saying. “It’s 100 percent needed on the networks,” Putin added. A day earlier, his spokesman Dmitry Peskov reportedly admitted that some criminal cases involving online activity “were beyond the realm of common sense.”


Russia Football Team Makes Biggest Jump in FIFA Ranking After World Cup

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The Russian football team’s unlikely advance to the World Cup quarterfinals this summer has propelled it to the top-50 of FIFA’s latest rankings since Russia hosted the championship. Russia had its World Cup dream cut short on July 8, when Croatia won 4-3 on penalties in a dramatic quarterfinal that ended 2-2 after extra time. Russia entered the tournament as the worst-ranked side, at a historic-low 70th place. Russia’s performance helped the team catapult 21 spots to 49th, making it the biggest move by ranks, according to FIFA’s updated table on Thursday. 2018 World Cup champion France was the biggest points-based mover as it landed the top spot of the table, overtaking Germany, which dropped to 15th place. Belgium and Brazil ranked second and third, while finalist Croatia and Uruguay closed out the top-5. FIFA said it changed the algorithm of its rating system to account for inactive teams and losses or draws against weaker opposition.


Russian Railways Plans Ultra Low-Budget Train Cars Without Toilets

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Russian Railways plans to introduce new budget train cars for customers willing to endure a lack of air conditioning and toilets. Federal Passenger Co., the subsidiary which runs long-distance passenger services for the state-owned Russian Railways, said in an annual report that it plans to upgrade a third of its 19,300 carriages by 2025. As part of the overhaul, the company said it will discontinue more than 5,000 carriages with an average age of 20 years by 2021. “Before their complete disposal, old cars without air conditioners and bio-toilets are scheduled to be allocated into a separate temporary ‘economy-budget’ brand,” the subsidiary said in the report. The Russian Railways development program for 2025 disclosed plans last month to start phasing out platzkart train cars — legendary Soviet-era third-class carriages with stacked beds — as early as 2019. Instead, the carriages will be fitted with shower cabins, vending machines and USB slots, the Vedomosti business daily cited Russia’s biggest rail car maker as saying.


Russian Man With Crowbar Caught Stealing 275 Tons of Train Tracks

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An unemployed man in St. Petersburg has been detained after reportedly dismantling 275 metric tons of railway tracks over the past month. The city’s transport police said it caught the 38-year-old suspect red-handed in a municipality southeast of the city center. “The woebegone mechanic dismantled more than 275 metric tons of metal products with a wrench and a crowbar,” transport police said in a statement Wednesday. The unnamed culprit faces up to five years behind bars and an 80,000 ruble ($1,250) fine on charges of theft. St. Petersburg’s Fontanka.ru news website estimated that the 275 metric tons of tracks could be sold for 5 million rubles ($79,000), citing scrap metal price listings.


Russians’ Willingness to Protest is Highest in 2 Decades, Survey Says

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More Russians are willing to participate in economic and political protests now than in the past two decades, according to a new survey released by the independent Levada Center pollster. Public discontent has spread throughout Russia this summer after the government announced plans to raise the retirement age. The United Russia ruling party saw its approval ratings plummet to seven-year lows, while trust in President Vladimir Putin has dropped to below 50 percent, despite the president’s efforts to distance himself from the unpopular reform. Twenty-eight percent of Russians say they would personally participate in protests against falling standards of living — the highest such figure since 1999, according to the latest Levada poll published Wednesday.

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